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268 Am J Psychiatry 157:2, February 2000 Images in Psychiatry Crichton Royal Hospital T he Crichton Royal Hospital opened in 1839. Set in dramatic scenery, it provides psychiatric services to southwest Scotland. Dr. James Crichton, a trader and physician who made his fortune in India and China, retired to the district. His widow initially wished to found a university, but this was refused. From his legacy, about £85,000 ($150,000 U.S.) was used to found the Crichton Royal Hospital. Of grandiose design, it included a cathedral-like church, a farm of over 900 acres, and an artesian well. A rock garden was built, and plant specimens were obtained from as far away as Darjeeling. A number of patients were admitted free of charge. For 15 shil- lings ($1.25) a year, a private “sleeping room,” iron bed, and “ani- mal” soup were provided. Those who paid £17.50 ($30.00) a year were given a parlor, bathroom, meals with wine and dessert every day, and grouse in season. Each patient had one “keeper” and the use of a carriage or horse every day. A detailed history-taking sched-
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