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Am J Psychiatry 156:9, September 1999 1439 Images in Psychiatry Henri Dagonet and the Origins of Psychiatric Photography A lthough it was invented in the 1830s, photography did not find its place in medical illustration until much later. As it happens, the first medical textbook to employ photographic illustration was Henri Dagonet’s Nouveau Traité Elémentaire et Pratique des Mala- dies Mentales , published in 1876. Dagonet, an eminent but little-re- membered figure in nineteenth-century French psychiatry, was a faithful follower of Pinel and Esquirol and the French tradition of meticulous clinical description and classification. Born in 1823, he followed his father into the professions of medicine and psychiatry, obtaining an academic position at Strasbourg in 1853 and publish- ing the first edition of his textbook in 1862. In 1867 he was awarded the clinical directorship of the new Hospital of St. Anne in Paris, and he remained there until his retirement some 30 years later.
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