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Unformatted text preview: Images in Psychiatry 762 ajp.psychiatryonline.org Am J Psychiatry 167:7, July 2010 shown here. The man holding onto the bars at the right of the photograph was pleading to get out so that he could go back to Mogadishu. The woman outside brought food for a family mem- ber on the ward. In Somalia and Somaliland, affective disorders are epidemic after generations of social upheaval and war. However, mental ill- ness remains highly stigmatized. Somalis do not consider sadness or worry a mental illness to be treated by a physician. Indeed, they may specifically avoid seeking treatment for fear of being labeled insane and shaming the overall integrity of their family (5). These disorders are instead addressed by family support, reli- giously based interventions, and indigenous herbal remedies (3). References 1. WSP International: Rebuilding Somaliland: Issues and Possibili- ties. Trenton, NJ, Red Sea Press, 2005 2. Leather A, Ismail EA, Ali R, Abdi YA, Abby MH, Gulaid SA, Wal- had SA, Guleid S, Ervine IM, Lowe-Lauri M, Parker M, Adams S, Datema M, Parry E: Working together to rebuild healthcare in...
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