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32 Am J Psychiatry 166:1, January 2009 Images in Psychiatry ajp.psychiatryonline.org Jason Glance J ason Glance, whose work has graced our pages and covers since he become the Journal ’s graphic designer in 1999, died of colon cancer on August 31 at age 44. At the Journal and through- out APA, Jason was much appreciated for his grace, wit, calm, in- telligence, and good nature. He will long be missed. Many authors knew Jason via e-mail as the polite, concise, tal- ented graphics wizard who could turn any graph, chart, or dia- gram into a clear, succinct figure in strict Journal format, and of course all subscribers saw his work on the cover each month. The July 1999 cover was the first to have the credit “Cover design by Ja- son Glance.” His final cover was the May 2008 issue. Throughout the years, many of our contributing authors have cited the collab- oration with Jason on creating a striking cover to illustrate or highlight their article as the most enjoyable aspect of their Journal experience. The cover of this issue features one of Jason’s own paintings. It is a large canvas, occupying 16 square feet, yet even scaled to fit on our cover, it is a dazzling, exuberant work, drawing the viewer in with its strong suggestion of ordered complexity and an ever- present risk of chaos. Readers may recognize the title, “Dance of
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Jason+Glance+AJP+2009 - Images in Psychiatry Jason Glance...

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