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1392 Am J Psychiatry 158:9, September 2001 Images in Psychiatry Miguel de Cervantes, 1547–1616 C ervantes was born in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) on an au- tumn day in 1547. He was descended from a dynasty of well-re- garded physicians and was the son of a humble surgeon who had to abandon his profession. His life was filled with extraordinary situations reminiscent of his literary creations. At the age of 22, he ran away to Italy after wounding a man in a duel. As a soldier in the service of Philip II, he fought at the battle of Lepanto, where he was wounded in the left hand. Taken by Barbary pirates, he spent 5 years in captivity in Algeria, although on at least four oc- casions he tried to escape. Once back in Spain, he found work as a royal agent confiscating grain and other goods, which resulted in his being subjected to a number of denunciations, imprison- ments, and two excommunications. He died in 1616, just a few days after the death of Shakespeare. Cervantes is universally known as the writer of Don Quixote, his first novel, and, even today, still the best (1). Here Cervantes provided a deep and thorough description of the delusional ideas
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