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Novaco+Reliability+++Validity++P102++2010 - Reliability...

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1 Reliability and Validity Raymond W. Novaco University of California, Irvine Abnormal Behavior P102 2010 Reliability reliability is essential for validity there can be reliability without having validity there cannot be validity without reliability reliability concerns consistency under maximally similar conditions test-retest agreement inter-rater agreement within scale agreement Validity concerns consistency under largely dissimilar conditions checkbld correspondence of results in measuring the same thing in different ways, at different times, and in different circumstances Internal Validity External Validity Ecological Validity Construct Validity Internal Validity checkbld validity internal to the study design pertains to variables and procedures implemented in the study concerns the accuracy of claims made by the investigator about the conditions of observation and recording essentially concerns the adequacy of translation of conceptual variables into operational variables Internal Validity checkbld
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