ODD-CD+Slides++Russell+11-22-10 - ODD and CD Case Examples...

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11/22/2010 1 Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) and Conduct Disorder (CD) Michael A. Russell, M. A. ODD and CD: Case Examples Marvelle (ODD) “She’s irritable all the time and never does anything I ask her to do…she’s defiant…her teacher can’t get her to do her schoolwork —she simply refuses.” Nick (CD) “Nick isn’t like other kids…in one 5 -day period last March, he threw a rock at a girl at the YMCA…set fire to his room, whipped the family dog with a chain, and stole $20 from his mother’s wallet” Conduct Problems/Antisocial Behavior Definitional Issues Epidemiology and Gender Differences Etiology Development and Antisocial Behavior DEFINITIONAL ISSUES CD and ODD: Part 1 Conduct Problems Conceptual umbrella, subsuming both ODD and CD Two overlapping dimensions Overt vs. Covert Destructive vs. Nondestructive Diverse presentations classified accordingly Nondestructive Destructive Covert Overt Assault Cruelty Bullying Vandalism Stealing Lying Runaway Truancy Breaking Rules Defiance Argues Angry
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11/22/2010 2 Oppositional Defiant Disorder Negativistic, hostile, defiant behavior Blaming others, deliberately annoying Typically onsets earlier (age 6), predicts CD in the minority of cases Few cases of ODD escalate in to CD Conduct Disorder Violation of the basic rights of others Violation of age-appropriate societal norms or rules Typically onsets later , but is usually preceded by ODD Nearly all kids with CD continue to display ODD behaviors ODD and CD: Independent disorders? ODD as less severe CD?
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ODD-CD+Slides++Russell+11-22-10 - ODD and CD Case Examples...

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