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Am J Psychiatry 165:1, January 2008 33 Images in Psychiatry Restoration of Mental Health Services in New Orleans H urricane Katrina devastated New Orleans on Aug. 29, 2005. On September 2, the last remaining patients were evacu- ated from the Medical Center of Louisiana in New Orleans after 5 grueling days of fear and misery. Patients from the acute inpatient psychiatric services stood in orderly lines in the main lobby of Charity Hospital, waiting to board military trucks that had backed up to the front steps (1). Two years later, Charity Hospital, with its 92 psychiatric beds, remains closed. The Medical Center of Louisiana in New Orleans now directs medical and surgical treatment from its smaller sister facility, Louisiana State University Interim Hospital, formerly the University Hospital. Psychiatric consultation and emergency ser- vices have been present since the opening of the Louisiana State University Interim Hospital in November of 2006. Even to this day, during an emergency room or general hospital consultation, it is not uncommon to discover that an acutely psychotic patient has not seen his psychiatrist since the storm and has been living in an
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