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1028 Am J Psychiatry 164:7, July 2007 Images in Psychiatry Roger Keith “Syd” Barrett (1946–2006) R oger Keith “Syd” Barrett was both the founding member of one of the most legendary rock bands and probably the most fa- mous rock star to develop psychosis. He formed the band that would become Pink Floyd in 1965, amalgamating the first names of two American bluesmen, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, inspired by LSD (1), and driven by Barrett’s songwriting, singing, and otherworldly guitar solos, the first album, “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn” (1967), alchem- ized the whimsical bohemian spirit of the “summer of love” and influenced generations of musicians with its sonic inventions and surreal lyrics. Music journalists have called him “the golden boy of the mind-melting late-60s psychedelic era, its brightest star and ultimately its most tragic victim” (2). In fact after two haunt- ing solo albums, “The Madcap Laughs” and “Barrett,” which
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