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1604 Am J Psychiatry 162:9, September 2005 Images in Psychiatry http://ajp.psychiatryonline.org Saint Vincent’s Hospital Westchester S aint Vincent’s Hospital Westchester in Harrison, N.Y., is cele- brating 125 years of continuous service to the mentally ill. The history of Saint Vincent’s mirrors the progress of the treatment of the mentally ill in the United States. In 1876, the Sisters of Charity purchased 96 acres in Harrison. A large home on the property was to be used as a summer residence for frail, sick children from the New York Foundling Hospital. The spacious grounds, fertile soil, and plentiful farm produce seemed to make this an ideal location for the children to regain their strength. However, 2 years later, as the result of a poor sanitation system in the town, typhoid fever broke out, and although the children survived, one nun and two staff members died from the disease, and the property was abandoned.
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