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Unformatted text preview: Images in Psychiatry The Burgholzhi Clinic 816 Am 1 Psychiatry 153:6, Ju,w 1 996 T he Psychiatric University Hospital Burgli#{246}lzli in Zurich ss’as opened in 1870. It vas built b the Canton of Zurich in the style of a strictly centralized .iiid syniiiietrical palace in hat were then idyllic surroundings, which have since been swallowed up l the cit. At that time, because of the rapid increase in the Swiss population, iiiaiiy psychiatric hospitals were liilt or acconiniodated in secular- ized convents. The Burgholzli has alwass (xcii a center of research. Two of its directors ( Bernhard VOfl ( tidden, 1870- 1 872, and Eduard Hitzig, I 875- I 879) were fanous neuroanatonists. Their successor, Auguste Ford, also won fame in this held but later becaiie knovn as a social psychiatrist before this concept was created, pronioting abstinence tron alcohol, a liberated sexuality, and anibulatorv pschiatric treat- nent for Zurich’s population. Adolf Niever, the refornier of U.S. ps- chiatrv,...
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