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22 Am J Psychiatry 159:1, January 2002 Images in Psychiatry The Lexington Narcotic Farm I n response to a growing need for drug abuse treatment fa- cilities, the U.S. Congress in 1929 authorized the U.S. Public Health Service to establish two narcotic farms “for the con- finement and treatment of persons addicted to the use of habit-forming narcotic drugs” (Public Law 70-672) (1). The first facility opened on May 25, 1935, outside Lexington, Ky. The 1,050-acre site included a farm and dairy, working on which was considered therapeutic for patients. The facility was built and run much like a minimum-security prison, with gates and window bars. This hybrid prison-like hospital or hospital-like prison continued after the name was changed to “U.S. Public Health Service Hospital” in 1936. The security features were removed when the facility was modernized in the late 1960s. With the increased availability of state and lo- cal drug abuse treatment programs, the hospital was closed in
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