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The Maudsbey 264 Am] Psychiatry 153:2, February 1996 Images in Psychiatry B ethlem Hospital was founded in 1247 and for many centuries was the only madhouse in England. Bedlam, as it was collo- quially known, became notorious during the eighteenth century; rich Londoners would visit the asylum to stare at the insane as their pres- ent-day counterparts might stare at animals in a zoo. Subsequently, Bethlem faded into obscurity; Knaepelin noted on his visit to the hos- pital in I 890, “Apart from its pleasant English ‘comfort’ as far as the equipment and extensive recreation facilities were concerned, Bedlam did not have much to offer” ( I ). Neither did English psychiatry as a whole, for it had been largely untouched by the rise of the university clinics in Europe. The hospital that was to reverse that trend was established in I 914 by a legacy from the Victorian psychiatrist Henry Maudsley (2). Maudsley
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