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Unformatted text preview: New York State Psychiatric Institute 1088 Am J Psychiatry 153:8, August 1996 Images in Psychiatry T hroughout history in the United States, public hospitals for the care of general medical and surgical illnesses have been operated by cities and counties; maintaining hospitals for the mentally ill, on the other hand, has generally been the responsibility of the states. As the numbers of mentally ill patients grew through the nineteenth cen- tury in New York, state legislators increasingly recognized the need to find better and more scientifically valid treatments for psychiatric disease. With what seems today incredible foresight, the New York State government voted in 1895 to create a central pathology labora- tory dedicated to ri-search of mental illness. The New York Pathologi- cal Laboratory was renamed Institute the following year by its first director, Dr. Ira van Gieson. Thus, the nation’s first psychiatric re- search facility was born 100 years ago. In 1906 it was renamed the New...
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