The Payne Whitney Cl - Images in Psychiatry Am J Psychiatry 154:12 December 1997 The Payne Whitney Clinic O n Oct 1 1932 the Payne Whitney

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Images in Psychiatry Am J Psychiatry 154:12, December 1997 The Payne Whitney Clinic O n Oct. 1, 1932, the Payne Whitney Psychiatric Clinic of The New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center opened its doors (1). While psychiatric care had a venerable tradition at The New York Hospital dating back to the late eighteenth century, psychiatric serv- ices had been segregated from the general hospital since 1821, with the establishment of the Bloomingdale Asylum (now the Westchester Division). In 1899, 5 years after the Bloomingdale Asylum moved from Manhattan to White Plains, Samuel B. Lyon, medical superin- tendent, began to advocate for an institution based at the main hos- pital in New York City, so as to provide short-term treatment of acute mental illness. Lyon also advocated for an academic affiliation so that this would be a “new centre for investigating all the questions con- nected with the causes, treatment and care of the insane.” Lyon’s vision would take three decades to become a reality. In 1927, Payne
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