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1982 Am J Psychiatry 156:12, December 1999 Images in Psychiatry Trenton Psychiatric Hospital T he first of New Jersey’s public mental hospitals, Trenton Psy- chiatric Hospital, began providing services on May 15, 1848. The hospital was founded by Dorothea Lynde Dix, the renowned pioneer and advocate for humane care and treatment of the mentally ill. Ms. Dix always looked upon Trenton Psychiatric Hospital as her “first- born child.” She spent her declining years as a guest of the hospital and died there in 1887. Before the opening of the hospital, the mentally ill of New Jersey were “cared for” in jails, almshouses, or private homes where they were frequently confined to attics, cellars, or outbuildings. Regard- less of the setting, however, conditions were very poor and rarely reflected any aspect of humane treatment. During the first year of operation, under the superintendent Dr. Horace A. Buttolph, the hospital admitted and treated 86 patients. Treatment modalities at the time included general and local depletion, medicine, baths, exer-
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