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‘: -. ‘V \j \. #{149} 1800 Am J Psychiatry 152:12, December 1995 Images in Psychiatry The Utica State Hospital T oday few are knowledgeable about the remarkable contnihu- tions made to early American psychiatry at the Utica State Hos- pital, the first hospital for the mentally ill poor erected by action of the New York State legislature. Also, it is remarkable how closely intertwined was the early life of this hospital and that of our national association. On Jan. 16, 1 843, approximately 20 months before the first meet- ing of the founders of the American Psychiatric Association, the New York State Lunatic Asylum at Utica, as it was then called, opened its doors and admitted its first patient. Dr. Amariah Brig- ham, the first superintendent of the asylum, attended this meeting and thus was one of the 13 founding members of the Association. Already he had printed the first issue of The American Journal of insanity, which later became The American Journal of Psychiatry. This
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