Moses - Moses: Hebrew slaves in Egypt. Were many plagues,...

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Moses: Hebrew slaves in Egypt. Were many plagues, moses predicted, convinced pharaoh to send away slaves. Then sent army, but they escaped b/c seas parted. Free lan-canaan. God gave food-manna, tasted like honey and birds called quail. Got water by hitting rock. Got ten commandments on Mount Sinai. People were worshipping calf, moses is angry, killed calf, broke stone, went back to get commandments. Job: Very good guy, Satan tested him by taking wealth away from him, did not sin, won. Lived a happy life. David/Goliath: Goliath, strong guy from Philistine, challenged anyone to wrestle him. David, shepherd/musician, defeated him with help of God. Threw stone, fell, killed with own sword. Noah: Gave two of each animal to load onto ark. Rain for 40 nights/days. Solomon: King of Israel after David. Cut baby for dispute btwn mother. Gave it to one who cried. Asked for knowledge from God. Built God’s Temple. Jonah: Told to preach to people of ninevah. Didn’t want to, escaped on ship, terrible storm, went overboard, sea was
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