All o. O players - Allo.Oplayers...

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All o. O players 1. [player]Chompsky Lives[/player] Cities: a. [town]55778[/town] b. [town]54380[/town] c. [town]54513[/town] d. [town]57759[/town] e. [town]55674[/town] f. [town]57787[/town] g. [town]62845[/town] h. [town]46274[/town] i. [town]66012[/town] j. [town]58688[/town] k. [town]67420[/town] l. [town]41257[/town] m. [town]59216[/town] n. [town]78993[/town] o. [town]51851[/town] 2. [player]Sultan2384[/player] Cities: a. [town]47664[/town] b. [town]51392[/town] c. [town]51766[/town] d. [town]49130[/town] e. [town]53348[/town] f. [town]53444[/town] g. [town]58296[/town] h. [town]70251[/town] i. [town]50077[/town] j. [town]50215[/town] 3. [player]Kaunteya[/player]
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Cities: a. [town]53230[/town] b. [town]46099[/town] c. [town]66282[/town] d. [town]42361[/town] e. [town]53118[/town] f. [town]69843[/town] g. [town]37961[/town] h. [town]42449[/town] 4. [player]Sky808[/player] Cities: a. [town]58302[/town] b. [town]58412[/town] c. [town]58051[/town]
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This note was uploaded on 11/19/2010 for the course JK j taught by Professor Kjk during the Spring '10 term at Akademia Rolnicza w Wrocławiu.

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All o. O players - Allo.Oplayers...

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