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Eli Lilly 07 - 4 How much of the 2009 accounts receivable...

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2009 Eli Lilly Financial Statement Analysis Name: Chapter 7: Cash and Receivables 1. What is Eli Lilly’s cash and cash equivalents balance at the end of 2009? Name two places you can find this information. 2. How does Eli Lilly define cash equivalents? 3. How much money is owed to Eli Lilly for goods and services at the end of 2009?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. How much of the 2009 accounts receivable balance does the company expect to collect? 5. What is the percentage of “other receivables” to total current assets at the end of 2009? Round to the nearest whole percentage. 6. What is included in the “other receivables” balance?...
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