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2009 Eli Lilly Financial Statement Analysis Name: Chapters 10 and 11: Property, Plant, and Equipment 1. Compute the percent of net property and equipment to total assets for 2009. Round to the nearest whole percent. 2. What was the amount of depreciation expense for 2009? NOTE: this is not the depreciation and amortization amount on the statement of cash flows. 3. Which depreciation method does Eli Lilly use for most property/equipment? 4. How much interest cost did Eli Lilly capitalize as part of the cost of equipment during 2009? 5. Per Note 5, Eli Lilly announced some asset impairments in the fourth quarter of 2008.
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Unformatted text preview: Substantially all of these costs were paid in 2009. The following two questions relate to this impairment. a. What is the total value of impairment related to the write-down of non-cash impaired assets with no future use? b. What is the total value of impairment related to additional severance and environmental cleanup charges related to a previously announced strategic restructuring decision? 6. How much cash was paid for capital expenditures (purchases of PPE) during 2009? 7. How much cash did Eli Lilly receive from selling/disposing of its PPE during 2009?...
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