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Annotated Bibliography - spacewar and pong move to other...

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Annotated Bibliography John Spina Rockwell, Geoffrey. "Gore Galore: Literary Theory and Computer Games." Computers and the Humanities . 36.3 (2002): 345-358 . Print. Annotation: Although I have not actually chosen a topic for my research paper, I found that this article would be good to use in both directions I am leaning. At the beginning of this article, they discuss a brief history of video games. They talk about the very first video games, including
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Unformatted text preview: spacewar and pong, move to other things that are more action based hypertext fiction pieces, and even get into portable games such as the Tamagotchi. Also towards the end of the article, they discuss how violence is being exposed more in video games and might be the cause of the violence in teens....
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