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Genre exrecise

Genre exrecise - (2 How does Loy’s “Feminist...

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Genre Exercise 2: Destination Manifesto Name: John Spina Partner: Rebecca Schaffer (1) Make a list of generic features that Loy’s “Feminist Manifesto” shares with the “Futurist Manifesto” and “Vorticist Manifesto”? For each of these features give an example from each of these manifestos. a. Absolute Demolition -Vorticist Manifesto- Blasting away ex. England -Feminist Manifesto- “Nothing short of absolute demolition will bring about reform” b. short and to the point sentences. -more of an absolute feeling, extreme, from both -“leave off looking to men to find out what you are not” -bolded words in Blast c. aggressive - FM- “is that all you want?” -VM-“curse its climate for its sins and infections” d. controversial -VM- against England, against the government prior to WWI
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Unformatted text preview: --(2) How does Loy’s “Feminist Manifesto” differentiate itself from the “Futurist Manifesto” and “Vorticist Manifesto”? Give examples that illustrate your points. a. FM describes why, instead of the blasting or demolition directly of what is “wrong” -FM- the value of women, what it is and why it must be changed, and how it is connected to the man-VM-just says Blast ex. The post office, not direct reason, reason inferred.-Futurist Manifesto- destroy museaums and works, and women, no reason as to why b. FM – eventually Feminist movement became a recognized movement and women gained more rights and individual freedom Futuristic Movement: (3) Do you think that Loy’s “Feminist Manifesto” constitutes a new genre? How would you make your case? Be specific....
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Genre exrecise - (2 How does Loy’s “Feminist...

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