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unit 3 - informal assignment 2 - game itself, but interact...

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John Spina Unit 3 – Informal Assignment # 2 11/1/10 For my research paper, I would like to write about video game studies and how the many significant and rapid advancements in the technology has allowed video games to interact with the audiences in a variety of different ways. I will begin by talking about things like hypertext fiction games, such as Winchester’s nightmare allow you to interact by controlling a character, but is limited to only one final outcome to the game. Games like this require little skill by the game player. I will go on to talk about simple games such as Pong and SpaceWars that have very little graphical advancements and are not very aesthetically pleasing, but require some sort of skill to win. I will also talk about the aspect of the games being multiplayer, which allow the audience to not only interact with the
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Unformatted text preview: game itself, but interact with their peers that are also playing the game. I will then go on to talk about the advancements made in the graphics of games which are very aesthetically pleasing and attract a different audience. I will also talk about how online gaming technology is becoming ever more popular and you are now not only limited to a multiplayer game with friends in the same room, but allow you to play against any other person anywhere in the world. My plans for further research are really endless. I believe my topic is still slightly vague and I would like to narrow it down to more specific things, but I believe it will be easier for me to do that once I actually do more research, find out what interest me the most, and also what other literature is readily available to me....
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