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Patricia Young Team Leader D Team D; Mandi Potter, Ana Paola Russell, Lillie Richardson, Laura O'Brien, Lillie Richardson, Lesia Rivera and Oscar Valcarcel Financial Planning November 13, 2010 Protect your Credit and Identity from Theft There are several way and methods that thieves can steal your identity. They can be a hacker and get into your web site and steal your personal information. You must be careful from that type of access. Guard your virtual self using Firewall, a method example that can protect your information using a secure browser. The trash can method of retrieving information from your own curb. Easy to fix that, simply shred your information that you are throwing away. The number that we were assigned since birth is our Social Security number. We must only use the last four when having to identify yourself, be very careful whom you give that number to. It has been advised that you do not carry that with you, keep all financial papers in a very safe place. Go over your bank statement, they have online service and you can view at anytime to
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  • Spring '10
  • Lillie Richardson, Oscar Valcarcel Financial, Valcarcel Financial Planning, Ana Paola Russell, Patricia Young Team

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Patricia_Young_Team_Leader_D[1] - Patricia Young Team...

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