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Nathan Briscoe REL371 June 28, 2010 Assignment 4 The Importance of the Book of Romans Paul's letter to the Romans was the most applicable (in some senses) of the books in the New Testament that I have read so far. I believe this is the case because he wasn't addressing specific problems within the Roman church but was rather bringing his teachings forward in a systematic and general manner. In other senses it is still far removed from my understanding as it speaks distinctly to the Jew and to the Greek (of which I am neither so far as I know). But the understanding that all references to the Greeks are also unto the Gentile in general does bring it to a level where I can compare Paul's mindset to my own situations and thoughts on the human condition. I find the distinction of this book interesting in that it is Paul's only letter wherein he had not already visited and made converts nor does he have specific verbal comfort or rebuke to bring! One would wonder why he wrote to the church in Rome at all. Ehrman's discussion of Paul's two images of relaying his gospel was particularly interesting as well. The Judicial model is one I can relate to easily as the United States appears to hold a similar process of judgment and punishment as was held among the Greeks. The concept of there being a law and there also being a punishment for not keeping the law is a simple one. The idea that someone else can take the penalty however is not a staple of our judicial system. This part would probably only have made sense in a Jewish context as they had
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Briscoe.Assignment4.REL371 - Nathan Briscoe REL371 June 28,...

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