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Nathan Briscoe REL371 June 14, 2010 Assignment 2 The Distinctive Emphases of Luke That Luke was written first to the Gentile of the day becomes obvious from the beginning. This Gospel diverges from the rest from the beginning in that it starts with a Greco-Roman preface. While Matthew and Mark were perhaps written distinctly towards Jewish readers, Luke wasn't--and he therefore makes no bones in foreshadowing the mystery of God that was to be revealed in the near future but was hidden in times past: the proclamation of the Gospel to the Gentiles. For truthfully the Jews had strict laws relating to foreigners in terms of trade, intermarriage, worship, etc, and the grafting onto the vine of the Gentile was not what most of the Jews expected though God did threaten many things upon Israel in its alleged wickedness. For those reasons, Luke's foreshadowing emphasis on the Gospel being preached to the Gentiles is a distinguishable and distinct one. He perhaps had this opportunity as one looking back--for he also wrote the Acts of the Apostles and therefore could hint at the future. Perhaps other Gospel writers did not have such information to glean from at the time of writing as they only had access to synoptic sources and were not distinctly eye-witnesses to the events recorded in Acts. Arguably the speed at which information got around in these ancient times must have had an effect on these historical accounts. Beyond Luke's emphasis on the opening of the Gospel to the Gentile upon Jewish accusation and homicide of Jesus, he shows a distinct bent towards a Greco-Roman audience by relating the events of Jesus to non-Jewish history. While the Jews resided within the Roman empire, they did so begrudgingly and tried to keep to themselves as much as possible; truthfully those seen most
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Briscoe.Assignment2.REL371 - Nathan Briscoe REL371 June 14,...

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