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Nathan Briscoe REL371 June 7, 2010 Assignment 1 The Christian Canon "The Bible is a leather book containing the Old Testament and New Testament. Surely it was dropped from the clouds like this." While that is a satirical representation, it does indeed reflect common belief regarding the Christian canon-- for there is not much study of the history of the First Council at Nicaea and the process that was undergone to bind this leather book so long ago and thus into our bookstores today. Beyond the ignorance regarding the compiling and editorializing of the canon, the exclusion of certain books (now called apocryphal or arguably pseudepigraphical) is also little understood. But such is not the case for me anymore! It is interesting to note the vast array of literature coming from the first couple of centuries C.E. and--in light of that--take a look at the sparse table of contents in the Christian Bible. The very present hand of men in the preparation of this canon also sheds light on and disenchants more supernatural notions of the compilation's source, canonical supremacy, and authenticity. But still from this historical perspective, it is an interesting task to study the competing mindsets and reasoning for inclusion and exclusion; we can see even the Ante Nicene fathers had disagreements regarding which books were truthfully inspired of God or correctly attributed to the respective author. But as this class is confined to the Christian New Testament canon as we know it, I suppose apocryphal texts will not find much study here! However it is freeing and intellectually nonrestrictive to take each respective book in the New Testament as its own story and interpret it unto itself (as there are clearly deviations between such books whether due to copy errors of tired scribes or
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of intentional changes). Finding greater context would be far too strenuous for our
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Briscoe.Assignment1.REL371 - Nathan Briscoe REL371 June 7...

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