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Amanda Michalski Zach Petrea English 101 Oct. 26, 2010 Topic Proposal The fourth paper we are writing in this class is to be a argumentative research paper where a state my position and convince the desired audience. The major requirements of the assignment are to identify the trend and analyze it in detail. Explain how the topic is current in today’s society. Explain who the trend affects, why the trend is so controversial and how it should be changed. Overall the paper must be at least 6 pages with 8 sources, have a thesis, good reasons behind it, and support for my argument. The trend that I’m interesting in writing my essay about is Proposition 19, also known as
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Unformatted text preview: the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010. The purpose of my paper is to explain to the reader how legalization of marijuana would help society. First, by decimalizing marijuana crime would go down. Gangs and drug dealers would have less to sell so there would be less gang violence and less innocent people being harmed over marijuana. Also, if marijuana was decimalized than it could be taxed and provide money for the government and create jobs for the people. Lastly, the government can have control and regulate the use of the drug....
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