PHIL 105 P#1 - work itself It is vulnerability not sex work...

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Samantha Ghreir Legalization of Prostitution  I. Point of view: The legalization of prostitution is an absolute necessity. A) Definition:  the act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations  especially for money and/or to advance in workforce or progress in  stature. B) Philosophical principles: prostitution is just another branch of the adult  industry and should be treated accordingly.  II. Data 1. Legitimate business 2. Taxation  3. Human trafficking  4. Career options 5. Stimulate economy 
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III. Interpretation of Data 1. As said by Ana Lopes, PhD “sex work is legitimate work  and problems within the industry are not inherent in the 
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Unformatted text preview: work itself. It is vulnerability, not sex work, which creates victims. Sex workers should enjoy the same labor rights as other workers and the same human rights as other people.” This points out that if prostitution is legalized workers in the field would be legally protected by law. This issue should be placed and examined in the most practical framework of labor rights. 2. The adult industry is one of the largest growing profitable industries in the United States—ranging from pornography to sexy perfume ads—why should prostitution be any different?...
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PHIL 105 P#1 - work itself It is vulnerability not sex work...

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