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Unformatted text preview: Primate Social Behavior ANT 348K Locating original sources in Primatology It isnt hard to find original research if you know where to look. The library subscribes to lots of online databases that index scholarly research of all kinds. We also get several hundred scholarly journals online (including several that are recommended by your professor). Not to mention that we still buy books and put them on shelves. Some things to keep in mind: Off-campus access for online resources is available through a service that the library supports and this service is called EZproxy. We use your UTEID for authentication (our way of making sure that you are suppose to have access from off-campus). Since the EZproxy information is part of the URL used to connect to the resource, its very important that you go through the links from the librarys web site. Those are the links that are listed later in this guide. If you are having trouble with figuring out what the difference is between scholarly and popular journals, then this web site might help you out: Scholarly Journals versus Popular Magazines The library recently implemented a new service that allows links to the full text of the article to appear in the citation in the index/database. Just look for Find it at UT button when you are searching a database. Primatology research is published in a wide variety of journals spanning the social sciences and the natural sciences. This means that you might find interesting research in unexpected places. If you have any difficulty with your research, contact your librarian: Ronda Rowe Networked Information and Anthropology Bibliographer [email protected] 512-495-4110 (voice) 512-495-4397 (fax) Finding original research/Page 3 Recommended resources: Web of Science This database is a great place to look for primatology research as they cover a very wide collection of journals in both the social sciences and...
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Library_Guide-1 - Primate Social Behavior ANT 348K Locating...

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