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OLD 1st EXAM - BIO 102 First exam 18 Feb 2010 name Select...

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BIO 102 name ___________________ First exam 18 Feb. 2010 Select the BEST answer or phrase for the following questions. This exam has 50 questions. READ the questions and possible answers carefully. READ ALL CHOICES BEFORE SELECTING THE "BEST" ONE. 1. In a leaf, the layer of cells just below the upper epidermis is the a. stomates b. spongy mesophyll c. palisade mesophyll d. lower epidermis e. cortex 2. The softening of fruits during the ripening process result from 3. A taproot is formed by plants when the _______ becomes the main root. 4. A oak tree puts forth its leaves in late April. When were these leaves FORMED by the apical meristem? a. December b. March c. February d. late spring or summer of the previous year e. Feb. 29 th , annual leaf day 5. What is softwood? 6. Secondary growth results mainly from the expansion of cells produced by the ____. a. cortex b. vascular cambium c. cork cambium d. secondary xylem e. apical meristem 7. The major type of plant cell consumed by humans for food is 8. A celery stalk is part of the 9. Cutin, a waterproofing compound, is found in what kind of cells in the stem? 10. Under what conditions would the stomates in a leaf be closed during DAY? a. when the leaves are wilted (dry soil) b. when it is raining c. when the sun is shining d. a and b e. a, b and c 11. When you eat a peanut, the object that you pop in your mouth (after removing its papery covering) includes the 12. In general, the surface area of a plant's root system is _____ the surface area of its stems and leaves
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