OLD 2nd EXAM - BIO 102 Second exam 18 Mar. 2010 name _...

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BIO 102 name ___________________ Second exam 18 Mar. 2010 Select the BEST answer or phrase for the following questions. This exam has 50 questions. READ the questions and possible answers carefully. Read all choices before selecting the "best" one. 1. Of all the glucose made by a plant during photosynthesis, ___ is used for respiration and ___% is used as a starting material for making most parts of the plant. a. 5, 95 b. 95, 5 c. 50, 50 d. 1, 99 e. 97, 3 2. When sugar is deposited in sieve tube elements, what happens to the free energy of water molecules in these cells? a. increases b. decreases c. stays about the same d. there is no free energy in water in the sieve tube elements e. c and d 3. Before landing on the stigma, a pollen grain of an angiosperm contains ___ nuclei that are ____. a. 2, diploid b. 3, haploid c. 3, diploid d. 2, haploid e. 7, diploid 4. In an effort to keep people from walking on his lawn (as well as showing how intelligent he is), a university professor is most likely to post a sign that reads … a. Keep off the sporophytes b. Keep off the gametophytes c. b or e d. Mind the lichens e. I fear for my seedless, vascular friends 5. Ferns and fern allies form (SELECT MOST COMPLETE ANSWER) a. eggs and sperm b. eggs, sperm, xylem and phloem c. eggs, ovules, sperm, xylem and phloem d. eggs, ovules, pollen, sperm, xylem and phloem e. eggs, ovules, ovaries, pollen, sperm, xylem and phloem 6. Name the kind of fruit types represented by a banana, a sunflower “seed,” and coconut. a. berry, grain, nut b. berry, achene, drupe c. drupe, achene, berry d. slippery, dry, too hard e. berry, berry, berry 7. The English were able to soundly defeat the French in several major battles because they possessed a weapon made from a. petrified zooxanthellae b. a gymnosperm c. xylem of the ironwood tree d. numerous moss plants woven into a strong thread e. wood of club mosses 8. Most cells that make up the body of a plant are produced by what type of cell division? a. long b. short c. mitosis d. meiosis e. half by meiosis, half by mitosis 9. Water moves UP the trunk of tall tree because of a. pressure developing in the xylem in the roots and cohesion of water molecules b. transpiration from the leaves and cohesion of sugar molecules c. transpiration from the leaves and cohesion of water molecules d. squeezing of vessel elements by constrictive tracheids e. respiration in spongy mesophyll 10. In what structure(s) of angiosperms is/are haploid cells produced? a. anther b. stigma c. ovule d. a and b e. a and c 11. What structure(s) is/are NOT formed by Gymnosperms a. leaf b. flower c. stem d. b and e e. seed 12. In the sporangium of a moss, what process occurs that results in the formation of lots of spores? a.
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OLD 2nd EXAM - BIO 102 Second exam 18 Mar. 2010 name _...

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