OLD 4th EXAM - BIO 102 4th exam 11 May 2010 name _ Select...

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BIO 102 name ___________________ 4th exam 11 May 2010 Select the BEST answer or phrase for the following questions. This exam has 50 questions. READ THE QUESTIONS AND POSSIBLE ANSWERS CAREFULLY. READ ALL CHOICES BEFORE SELECTING THE "BEST" ONE. 1. The place with the greatest concentration of endangered species per square mile of land area on earth is a. Rhode Island b. California c. Hawaii d. Florida e. Southeast Asia 2. Which is NOT a macronutrient for plants? a. potassium b. nitrogen c. phosphorus d. sulfur e. zinc 3. The accumulation of sand in a dune is called ____, and the loss of sand is ____. a. dunation, accretion b. good, not so good c. accretion, erosion d. erosion, accretion e. dunation, erosion 4. Nitrogenase splits molecules of ___ and is produced by a. nitrate, Azotobacter b. ammonia, Azotobacter c. nitrogen gas, Azotobacter and Rhizobium d. nitrate, ammonia and nitrogen gas, Azotobacter and Rhizobium e. nitrogen gas, Rhizobium 5. When ___ first suggested that the brown tree snake was a major problem in Guam, her announcement ____. a. Julie Savidge, was not believed by most ornithologists (bird biologists) outside of Guam b. Julie Savidge, resulted in her being give a prestigious award and a job at the National Zoo c. Ann Wilson, was not believed by most herpetologists (snake biologists) outside of Guam d. Julie Wilson, led to her being fired e. Britney Spears, consisted of a short video that included several live (but de-fanged) snakes! 6. An invasive species that clogs waterways from Florida to California is a. a comb jelly b. water Moccasin c. water Hyacinth d. water adelgid e. called “killer algae” 7. An example of adaptive radiation is the ______ a. brown tree snake in Guam b. Lobelias in Hawaii c. sandalwood in the Galapagos d. Nile perch in Lake Victoria e. a roommate that slowly takes over your space 8. The Asian longhorn beetle is a threat to a. the U.S. supply of flour b. many species of frogs in the U.S. c. cereal crops such as tomatoes and peppers d. American shorthorn beetles e. many species of trees in the U.S. 9. What methods have been taken to reduce the likelihood that brown tree snakes will get to Hawaii and decimate the population of native birds there? a. do not issue passports or travel visas to brown tree snakes b. treat all airplanes (military and commercial) departing Guam with toxic gas just before takeoff to kill all life on the planes c. inspect planes and packages leaving Guam and arriving in Hawaii, set up lots of snake traps around the Guam airport d. surround the airport at Guam with a 6’ high brick fence to stop snakes from entering e. encourage snakes to find interesting hobbies on Guam rather than traveling to other lands 10. Arbuscular mycorrhizae are formed by a. most species of angiosperms b. legumes only c. pine and oak d. about 5% of ferns and fern allies e. students who do not wash their hair frequently
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OLD 4th EXAM - BIO 102 4th exam 11 May 2010 name _ Select...

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