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ThomasJ-Assign Wk. 4

ThomasJ-Assign Wk. 4 - Jan Thomas MGT 4472 Lucas Week 4...

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Jan Thomas MGT 4472 Lucas Week 4 Assignment November 3, 2010 Chapter 8 (1) Psychological Contracts between an employer and employee are as important to an organization’s success as a written job description. Assignment: Write a one page essay in response to the above statement. You may agree or disagree. Some things you must consider include but are not limited to; (a). Are psychological contracts legitimate for either the employee or employer or for neither? (b). Is it possible to “manage” psychological contracts? Who is responsible for determining the content of psychological contracts and what parts are binding on either the employee or employer? I believe that psychological contracts are important to both the employer and the employee. They can help both parties involved. The contracts are formed by using several different methods. These include direct communication during the interview process and while working with other employees and supervisors, observation of the employees and how they are treated and act when decisions are made, and written documents. These consists
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