Ch 6 and 7 and Quiz 3

Ch 6 and 7 and Quiz 3 - CHAPTER 7 1 Norsk Hydro has a...

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CHAPTER 7 1. Norsk Hydro has a holistic approach to job design and emphasizes the significance of the work employees perform for the company as a whole as well as for society in general. True (page 202, moderate, recall) 2. At Norsk Hydro in Norway, employees are given the autonomy to decide when and where they work. True (page 202, moderate, recall) 3. In spite of longer work hours, Norsk Hydro employees exhibit job satisfaction and organizational commitment. False (page 202, moderate, understanding) 4. The Hydroflex program at Norsk Hydro is an on-the-job exercise program designed to boost company morale and increase productivity. False (page 202, difficult, recall) 5. Job design is the process of linking specific tasks to specific jobs and deciding what techniques, equipment, and procedures should be used to perform those tasks. True (page 203, easy, recall) 6. Job design does not influence the motivation of employees and their input levels. False (page 203, moderate, understanding) 7. The scientific management method was developed out of the U.S. war effort in World War II. False (page 204, moderate, recall) 8. The determination of the exact types of body movements that are most efficient for performing certain tasks is done through a process called “time and motion studies.” True (page 205, easy, recall) 9. In the scientific management approach to job design, pay is the principal outcome used to motivate employees to contribute their inputs. True (Page 205, moderate, understanding) 10. Jobs that were designed under scientific management principles tended to be monotonous and dehumanizing. True (page 205, moderate, understanding) 11. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory was a driving force in the movement to enrich jobs. False (page 206, moderate, analysis) 12. Job enlargement is referred to as horizontal job loading. True (page 206, easy, recall) 13. Job enlargement programs tended to have mixed success. True (page 206, moderate, recall) 14. Job enlargement is also referred to as vertical job loading. False (page 206, easy, recall) 15. When an assembly line worker is given some of the responsibility for checking the quality of work that the supervisor used to do, his job has been enriched. True (page 206, moderate, analysis) 16. General Mills was able to cut costs and increase efficiency by enriching jobs. 162
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True (page 207, moderate, recall 17. Workers whose jobs have been enriched are more motivated and generally perform at a higher level, according to general findings of job enrichment research. False (pages 207-208 , difficult, recall) 18. According to the job characteristics model, when workers think their jobs have more impact on the people inside and outside the organization than other jobs, their intrinsic motivation should be higher. True (page 208, moderate, understanding)
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Ch 6 and 7 and Quiz 3 - CHAPTER 7 1 Norsk Hydro has a...

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