Ch 14 book quiz

Ch 14 book quiz - Your Results for: "Multiple...

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Your Results for: "Multiple Choice" Print this page Site Title: Understanding and Managing Organizational Behavior, 5E Book Title: Understanding and Managing Organizational Behavior, 5E Book Author: George Location on Site: Chapter 14 > Self-Study Quiz > Multiple Choice Date/Time Submitted: October 21, 2010 at 2:03 PM (EDT)  2 Correct:  20%  8 Incorrect:  80%  More information about scoring   1. Which of the following is a defining feature associated with communication? Your Answer: Both b and c  
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The following trend creates a number of ethical dilemmas for organizations: Your Answer: All of the above   Correct Answer: Web surfing at work     Monitoring employee internet utilization poses a privacy problem, as well as legal issues.   3. Chain networks are common when there is __________ and members are required to perform specific behaviors in a  predetermined order. Your Answer: None of the above   Correct Answer: Sequential task interdependence     Pooled task and reciprocal task interdependence are associated with other networks.   4. __________ is an informal communication network that provides paths of communication for delicate information  such as power struggles. Your Answer:
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Ch 14 book quiz - Your Results for: "Multiple...

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