Notes for November 17th

Notes for November 17th - African Union Takes the Lead...

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11/17/2010 1 Human Rights and IR Conflicting Norms A New Institution: R2P R2P in Practice Case Study: Darfur Back to IIII Conflicting Norms Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity Self Determination Genocide Convention Responsibility to Protect in Theory Lessons of Rwanda, Bosnia, Kosovo Canadian role in norm creation, promotion Redefining Sovereignty Covers genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing International community has responsibility if state fails
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11/17/2010 2 R2P in Practice About as effective as Genocide Convention States Don’t Do What They are Supposed to Do—No intervention purely or semi purely on R2P grounds Most Obvious Candidate: Darfur Darfur Definitely Crimes by Sudan Against Citizens Genocide/Ethnic Cleansing
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Unformatted text preview: African Union Takes the Lead Africans for African Problems Convenient, yes; Effective: no. Aid Restricted by Sudanese Successful Genocide Management (Prunier) Major Powers Focused Elsewhere Iraq, Afghanistan, Tsunami Relief, etc. Back to IIII Interests: States Face Conflicting Interests US: Counter Terrorism or Helping Darfur China: Oil or Helping Darfur EU: Money not troops Interactions Sudan Playing Everyone Else Against Each Other Institutions: ICC has Charged Sudans Leaders with War Crimes Identity Who Are the Darfur people? Victims but not more than that Heterogeneity Means No Ethnic Ties, Little Identification...
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Notes for November 17th - African Union Takes the Lead...

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