Notes for October 4th

Notes for October 4th - Identity Relational Labels `R Us...

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Unformatted text preview: 10/4/2010 Identity Relational Labels `R Us? Labels R Us? Identity as DNA The National Identity Relational What are you? Who are you? Who are you similar to? Who are you different from? Identity defines who you are and who you are not, who is us and who is other Shapes perceptions of world around you Labels `R Us? More than a Label Content: Multiple meanings, contested, varying What Does It Mean To Be A Nationalist? What Does It Mean To Be A Nationalist? Civic vs. Ethnic 1 10/4/2010 Identity as DNA How one is constituted determines behavior and outcomes--deeper level of causality than just interests Who we are determines: what we want what we do, what is appropriate role how we see others Who are they? Friend, Foe, Rogue, Alien The National Identity What Does It Mean to be Canadian? What Does It Meant to be American? Remember: Intersubjective--not just how Americans and Canadians view themselves i d di i h l but how others do as well 2 ...
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