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Notes for October 14th - Strategy and Force Political vs....

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Unformatted text preview: Strategy and Force Political vs. Military Uses of Force U fF Political vs. Military Uses: Strategy and Force Coercive Diplomacy Different Uses of Force Chicken Credible Threats Coercive Diplomacy Power to hurt is the power to bargain Made possible due to revolution of air and nuclear warfare War is politics by other means Violence is purposive, part of bargaining 1 Different Uses of Force Defense-- Defense--Holding the territory you have Conquest-- Conquest--Taking the territory of others Deterrence Threaten to hurt someone if they do something you do not want them to do Don't Attack Me or I will Destroy You Compellence Threat to hurt someone if they do not change their behavior Move your troops or we will hurt you Deterrence vs. Compellence Deterrence is About Maintaining Status Quo Less Embarrassing if Successful Compellence Requires Changing Behavior Inherently Face-Losing, Submissive Face- Deterrence is Easier/More Successful Than Compellence For D&C: Use of Force/War =Failure Deterrence and Compellence as Chicken To Get the Other Side to Back Down Key: Credible Threats Voluntary surrender of flexibiltity Clarity of Commitment Stake reputation Incrementalism--Start a Process That Incrementalism-- Could Spiral 2 Limitations of Threats Declining Utility of Force Casualty Aversion/Media Effects Interdependence of Commitments Living in a PD world or a Chicken World? 3 ...
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