Notes for October 20th

Notes for October 20th - Domestic Politics and Foreign...

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Unformatted text preview: Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy Democratic Peace Democratic Interests and Institutions Political C P liti l Competition and F titi d Foreign i Policy Bureaucratic Politics Democratic Peace Is it merely correlation or causation? Multiple Explanations Structural Norms Transparency Relevance Significant Challenge to Systemic Theories Implication: Support Democratization Criticisms Until recently, democracies were few and far f apart, making war less likely ki l lik l Artifact of cold war Correlation but Causation? 1 Democratic Interests & Institutions Public opinion Veto Points Peaceful or Hawkish Pushing or Pushed? Or Irrelevant? Institutions Determine How Many Players Have a Say More Players Means Agreement is Harder, Change is Harder Credible Commitments Assumption that Military is More Belligerent Civilian Control over Military Political Competition and Foreign Policy Decisions Made on Basis of Votes Pork and Foreign Policy Diversionary War Use of Force Abroad to Increase Popularity To Divert From Domestic Crises Rally Effects are Temporary Who Noticed the Hockey Analogy? Divert more in Parl systems? Election Cycles and War? Bureaucratic Politics Organizational Biases Standard Operating Procedures Organizational Processes Interests of Bureaucracies Strategies Bureaucratic Conflicts Example: 9/11 Positive Side to Bureaucratic Politics The Interagency as a Market 2 ...
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