Notes for Sept.20

Notes for Sept.20 - • Tendency to Engage in Conflict Even...

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9/20/2010 1 Actors, Interests and Interactions Actors and Interests Interactions and Strategy Kinds of Interactions Prisoner’s Dilemma Security Dilemma Chicken Bargaining Actors and Interests Whose Interests Matter? Theory Tells Us Who, What Leaders Pursuit of Office (basic to Rational Choice, much else) States The National Interest? Realism: Power vs. Security Liberalism: Other Interests Constructivism: Socially Constructed Groups: Ethnic, Interest, Class Intl Organizations Composites Interactions and Strategy Outcomes Are About Combinations of Interests, Choices How Do You Get What You Want? Strategic Means More Than Maximizing Utility A Royal Example
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9/20/2010 2 Kinds of Interactions Cooperation: Coordination: No Incentives Not to Comply Battle of the Sexes Collaboration: Cooperation But Temptations to Cheat Prisoner’s Dilemma Chicken Bargaining Distribution Prisoner’s Dilemma
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Unformatted text preview: • Tendency to Engage in Conflict Even When Mutual Cooperation is Preferred • Threats Backfire • DC > CC > DD > CD • Increase the gains/value of CC (cooperation) • Decrease the costs of CD (sucker’s payoff) • Decrease the gains of DC (exploitation) • Decrease the gains/increase the costs of DD (conflict) The Security Dilemma • Self ‐ Help Leads to Less Security Via Action/Reaction • Worst Case Scenarios • Arms Races • Ex. Strategic Defense Initiative 9/20/2010 3 Chicken • Similar game to Prisoner’s Dilemma • Important Difference : Mutual Conflict is Worse than Sucker’s Payoff (CD>DD) • No Dominant Strategy ‐‐ A Game of Bluff and Threats • Making Credible Commitments Bargaining • Power Again • Coercion • Alternatives • Agenda ‐ Setting...
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Notes for Sept.20 - • Tendency to Engage in Conflict Even...

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