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POLS 244: State Behaviour, Fall 2010: Paper Assignment #1 There are two questions: choose one and one only. 1. The world is a complex place, and so we simplify it. We have two very different visions of the world as represented by Prisoner’s Dilemma and Chicken. While neither one is always true or always false, which one do you think best describes contemporary international relations? You will have to choose one. Focus not on the math but on the key differences in the implications of the two situations. Which one characterizes some of the more important interactions in the world today? Rely upon current events and the course readings to develop your argument, as well as lectures. 2. Anarchy is a fundamental concept for understanding international relations, but scholars have different views of anarchy. Take seriously at least two competing perspectives on anarchy and argue why one provides a superior understanding of international relations. Rely on the readings and current events, as well as lectures, to develop your argument.
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