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POLS 244: State Behaviour, Fall 2010: Paper Assignment #2 There is one question: There are a couple of key assertions about war that we need to take seriously: war is a mistake there is less war among countries now than in the past. Consider these and explain how both can be true. Or you can argue that one of these assertions is true. Or that both are false. But you need to take seriously both assertions and develop a logical, coherent argument. Again, the paper should be based on the course materials—readings, lectures and current events. The paper is to be 5-8 pages . Double space, staple, number each page and use normal formatting (1 inch margins, Times New Roman 12 pt fonts, etc.) Papers that exceed the limits will not be read. And papers that try to use margins/fonts/other tricks to exceed the limits will not be read. Put your name on a coverpage. The paper is due
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Unformatted text preview: on November 1 st in class . Anything else will be treated as late. Do not email the paper , do not put it under anyone’s door. If it is late, put it in Saideman’s box in Leacock 414 or hand it in to your TA. The penalty is 1/3 of letter grade per class session. Extensions are only given ahead of time. Save your work frequently and on multiple media so that your computer/dog cannot be blamed for eating your homework. For tips on writing papers, see Ora’s guide to papers, also on webct. Some of her advice is not applicable since it was designed for research papers. This is not a research paper , there is no expectation of significant research, nor will students be rewarded for doing lots of research. Focus on the readings (to which we expect you to make specific reference in your essay) and lectures, use current and recent events to illustrate your arguments....
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