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POLS 244, State Behaviour, page 1 Prof. Stephen Saideman Department of Political Science Leacock 324-C Office Hours : MW 10-11 and by appointment (office) 398-2324 (dept) 398-4800 Email: Pols 244: State Behaviour A.K.A. Intro to International Relations The purpose of this course is to introduce you to some of the more important concepts and approaches to understanding international politics as well as an introduction to the discipline of Political Science. The sources of foreign policy and the constraints placed upon states by the international system will be investigated. Why do states try to do what they do? And why do they fail so often? Some of the classic questions of international relations will be addressed, including: why war? How can war be avoided? Can states cooperate? This course is divided into three major sections. The first several weeks will be spent on understanding the basic ideas we use to make sense of international relations, and then we consider the key themes of interests, interactions and institutions. The middle part of the course will apply the concepts that have been developed to war and trade. The remainder will consider issues and problems currently facing Canada and everyone else in the 21 st century. Requirements : All students are required to attend the lectures. Students will be responsible for assignments, information, and schedule changes announced in lectures, even if they are absent. If you miss class, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed. Once class begins, do not leave. Students who leave before class is over distract everyone. If you cannot stay for the entire class on a consistent basis, drop this class and sign up for one that is more convenient. Come to discussion sections (conferences) prepared to discuss the relevant readings for each
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Syllabus - POLS 244, State Behaviour, page 1 Prof. Stephen...

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