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Statement of Proposal and Annotated Bibliography

Statement of Proposal and Annotated Bibliography -...

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Statement of Proposal and Annotated Bibliography This assignment is worth five percent (5%) of the course grade. There are two parts to this assignment. The first requires you to complete this form thoroughly and accurately; the second consists of an annotated bibliography. The assignment is due on October 6. Once your topic is approved, you cannot change it. If you choose to double-submit, you must have the topic approved by both professors. On the assumption that I will approve your topic, have the permission slip signed by the other professor and attach it to this sheet. Section One: 1. Provide your provisional research question: 2. What disciplinary approach do you intend to take when addressing the question? Explain why and what other options you considered. 3. List the encyclopedias and other primary sources you used to develop a list of search-
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Unformatted text preview: terms. (Minimum of three) 4. List the search terms you used for your initial library/database search. (six to fifteen terms, depending on topic) 5. Describe any problems or challenges you faced in attempting to develop your list of sources. 6. Select eight of the sources you believe will be the most useful in obtaining data. Six must be books or journal articles; two must be alternative sources such as government/agency websites, charts, maps, etc. You must present these sources in your annotated bibliography using correct format/s. See your Handbook for Writers . Students writing in a social sciences or pure & applied sciences discipline should use APA; students writing in a humanities discipline should use MLA....
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