The Case for Torture - Article Critique

The Case for Torture - Article Critique - Adeline Collot 1...

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Adeline Collot 1 Adeline Collot Dr. Noreen Bider EAPR 250 October 4 th , 2010 Article Critique: First Draft “The Case for Torture” was written by Michael Levin and published in the June 7 th , 1982 edition of Newsweek. The author argues in favor of torture as an acceptable way of obtaining information when innocent lives are at stake. He outlines three scenarios devised to make the reader reconsider his stance on torture. Despite Michael Levin’s ability to strike the reader through emotional appeal in these examples, his reasoning skills are not demonstrated. The strength of this text is that the absence of reasoning does not strike the reader; he is overcome by Levin’s ability to break ethical decisions down to black and white. The author begins with describing torture as “morally mandatory”. He conveys his point of view to his readers under the form of three different scenarios in which torture should be applied. The first describes a bomb threat in New York City which could kill millions, the second a bomb placed on a “jumbo jet” and the third the kidnapping of a newborn. In between each theoretical situation the author poses rhetorical questions which seem to only have one possible answer, the one that the author desires. His use of rhetorical questions places him in charge and the reader becomes a pawn that has no real say. Even if his readers could respond to “What do we do?” their opinion does not matter. Due process
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The Case for Torture - Article Critique - Adeline Collot 1...

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