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MCGILL UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE POLI-311: TECHNIQUES OF EMPIRICAL RESEARCH Professor Elisabeth L. Gidengil Fall 2010 Tel. 398-4805/e-mail: Office Hours (3610 McTavish 24-2): Tuesday 10:00 – 11:30 p.m. Thursday 11:00 – 12:30 or by appointment ===================================================================== This course deals with all of the stages of the research process from conceptualization of the research question to the interpretation of the findings. You will be introduced to a variety of research methods that are important to empirical political research, including survey research, observation, experimentation, and content analysis. There will also be a brief introduction to elementary statistics. The emphasis here is on how statistics can be used - and abused - and the logic of data analysis. Hands-on research experience is an integral part of the course. There will be optional labs scheduled throughout the term outside class hours designed to provide additional learning opportunities, as well as one required computer lab session. Clickers : Clickers will be used in this course to enhance engagement and facilitate learning. New and used clickers are available at the McGill Bookstore. Purchase only one clicker for all your courses. Only one type of clicker is authorized for use on campus. One clicker cannot be shared between multiple students (see Student Code of Conduct, policies/ ). Register your clicker to your McGill ID by going to any course in my Courses (WebCT Vista), click on the link “Register your clicker,” and follow the instructions on screen. You will only need to register your clicker in one course and it will be registered in all your courses. Lost clickers must be replaced at your own expense and re-registered in all your classes using the link in my Courses (WebCT Vista) stated above. For verification that a clicker is working correctly, please consult the ICS Service Desk at 688 Sherbrooke, Room 285 between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. For any other questions, please see the frequently asked questions (FAQ): Course Required Text (available at the bookstore or as an e-book at: Craig Leonard Brians, Lars Willnat, Jarol B. Manheim, and Richard C. Rich, Empirical Political Analysis 8 th edition Pack : all assigned readings that are not taken from the textbook are available in a course pack. They are also on reserve in the Library. GRADE BREAKDOWN Midterm Examination October 14 25% Individual Research Project due November 23 25% Final Examination 45% Clicker Use 5%
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Note : In the event of extraordinary circumstances beyond the University’s control, the content and/or evaluation scheme in this course is subject to change. Each assignment is graded out of 100 marks. A penalty of two marks per weekday will be subtracted for late submissions.
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