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Unformatted text preview: it together (e.g., harmony vs. disorder) Document and analyze social dynamics - Short-term social processes Short- Social progress and evolution (i.e., long-term change) long- Core topics in sociology Social stratification the unequal distribution of resources or conditions across groups (e.g., wealth, health care) Social change (e.g., social movements) Deviance and crime Economic phenomena (e.g., social exchange, labor market) Population, demography (e.g., immigration, health, urbanicity) Social integration (e.g., the internet, social networks) The promise of sociology Mills Life is a series of external forces, pressures, obstacles. Individuals' experiences, values, and behaviors reflect larger social and historical conditions. Sociology, and the "sociological imagination," are tools for revealing and "seeing" these conditions and their effects, thus providing the means of understanding and emancipation!...
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