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CONC Assignment-4 - aggregate used in lightweight concrete...

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CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY                                        ASSIGNMENT NO: 4                    DOA: 08-04-2009                                  DOS: 15-04-2009 Answer the following questions in SERIAL ORDER. QUESTIONS: Q1. For the construction of roofs and slabs, camber is needed in formwork, comment? Q2. As per IS456: 1978, this states the tolerance of formwork, what you think regarding this tolerance? Q3. After the striping of concrete formwork, a labour has allowed the work of cleaning the formwork, according to you is this necessary? Q4. According to you, what must be the benefits of using lightweight concrete? Can you make difference between natural and artificial lightweight
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Unformatted text preview: aggregate used in lightweight concrete? Q5. Express quenching of slag? Q6. Sanded lightweight concrete is different from lightweight concrete, comment? Q7. Can you explain the lightweight concrete in terms of its characteristic like fire resistance, shrinkage etc? Q8. Aerated concrete is misnomer, comment? Q9. Can retarders affect the age of concrete in compare to when it is not added? Q10.Cement is important constituent in concrete; can you give the method of storing it as site? Q11.If fly ash is mixed in 10 – 12 % in the manufacture of cement, which is further used in concrete, can we use this cement, if yes, express the problems in it? CIVIL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT AMIT KUMAR DHIR...
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